When:  August 1st-December 28th, 2015 Where:  ANYWHERE you want to walk/jog/run   Here we are challenging you to walk, jog, or run 600 miles in 150 days. No bikes, cars, skateboards, roller skates/blades, etc will be an acceptable method to complete the challenge.   We are so proud of everyone who has signed up for the challenge.  Keep up the great work.   Progress Board - Week 1 - 8/1-8/7  ...

Singed for Life 600 Challenge!


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Singed, For Life

What does “Singed, For Life” mean?

It means we are dedicated to help you live the life you want to live: health, fitness, overall wellness, activity, spirituality, learning, teaching, family, friends, adventure, new experiences, well roundedness, fun, happiness, and so much more.



























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Personal training, small group fitness, large group fitness, corporate wellness programs, healthy recipes, natural alternatives to everyday issues, ideas for healthy and fun activities in your area, and so much more.






























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Share your story to help others like you succeed; goals, accomplishments, setbacks, what works for you and what doesn't.


































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Singed, LLC

Training Packages


Personal Training

1 Session/3 Session/ 5 Session Options

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Small Group Training

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Personal Training

Get healthy, reach your goal.  The focus is on you. Our trainers will work with you one-on-one so you will ge...


Why Hire a Trainer A personal trainer will help you set goals, and give you the means to achieve those goals.  They w...

Small Group Training

You can get the benefits of a personal trainer and not have to do the work alone.  Small group training i...


Why Get Trained in a Small Group Small group training will allow you to get the support of your friends and/or family...

Strength Training

Here at Singed, LLC our trainers utilize a variety of strength training methods. We find the use of kettleb...


Benefits of Kettlebells Combination of Strength training and cardio Not a monotonous form of exercise Flexible N...

Bodyweight and TRX Training

Bodyweight exercises and suspension training are important for overall fitness.   Once of the most imp...


Why bodyweight exercise? Everyone can do it It can be done anywhere Core strength is improved Increase flexabili...



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